here you go, nana.

my mom wanted to see rowan eat squash and pears…nanas think everything their grandbabies do is wonderful haha.


death by kisses!

i took this video on my phone and was holding it backwards (and sideways) by accident, sooo unfortunately instead of seeing rowan giggle, you have to look at our exploding laundry pile! it’s on my to-do list, but clearly i have more important things to do with my time! i.e. kissing rowan. priorities!!


half vertical.

just a week after his half bday, rowan learned to become half vertical! sitting up all by himself. and giggling at/talking to the tv.

toes for lunch!


somebody is ready for his nap.

thumb, check. blankie, check. mom taking pictures of me instead of putting me down for a much needed sleep, check.

literally everyday he looks different. such a little boy here! 

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